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Soul Shift Wellness

...our journey though separate <> together we shift ~

Our Mission

to provide a lived and live resource platform, and an informative foundation for healing, while raising funds for 

can-COPE retreats for women newly diagnosed with breast cancer

The Shift

Every journey begins with a first step...

The Shift Work

"The journey of a thousand miles, begins with a single 

step" ~Herman Hesse

Pause, breathe, shift ...<>~

Once we decide, actually make the conscious choice to shift, we have already begun the journey...we are then "on the path". Now what...?

Soul Shift Wellness promotes whole person healing utilizing "The Scarlett Shift", featuring The Shift Work: PBS, Split Shift/50~50, Can~COPE and Into the Grief Garden. A co~creative approach to finding what works for each unique individual. Step out of the old patterns and embrace a new perspective. even co-create a "Stepping Stone Malala", beautiful interactive healing art.

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The Shifted Nipple

A guided tour through a personal breast cancer journey and beyond, 

The facts, the FAQ and the OH [email protected]!

Shift happens...click the pic to continue 

The Shifted Senses

The medicines, medications and meditation, becoming response-able for one's own being

Expanding capacities...click the pic and breathe that in

The Shifted Spaces

the body is our temple, "interior" design, remodel the inner spaces, refresh your spirit


reflect, refocus, redirect 

Exploring our "containers"...click the pic to "Inner-stand"

The Shifted Sanctuary

world-wide live and virtual retreats and workshops

retreat, recoup, recharge

Experience living alive...click the pic to LIVE~A~LIVE

The Shifted Soul

author~ an unexpected shift

SSW presents bestselling author and inspired writer

Expressions of self...click pic to enter 

pause   breathe   shift